How to Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings

People who use printers know how complicated it is to keep a printer maintained and up to date. It gets annoying when your printer starts acting up, and you have absolutely no idea why you are experiencing such a situation. Printers become unresponsive, stop printing, or the prints you get are often messy.

Reset Lexmark Printer to Factory Settings

These problems occur due to certain factors, but most of your problems can be fixed simply by resetting your printer. There are various printer brands, and every single one has different settings. In this article, we are going to talk about Lexmark printers and how to reset Lexmark printers to the factory settings. 

All you need to do is log in as an administrator on Lexmark printer’s homepage. Go to settings from the menu, select your printer and reset it to factory default. 

Keep reading to find out more about resetting printers! 

When should you reset your printer?

When you are facing complications printing documents or images, and your printer starts giving you a tough time, that is a sign to reset your printer.

Resetting the printer system can be helpful by keeping things in mind, if you go for resetting, all your previously printed history, your list of printers, print jobs, and entire data will be deleted permanently. 

Resetting the printer feature is fairly common; it solves certain troubleshooting problems faced by users. Settings will vary from brand to brand; only some printers have the same resetting settings. It all depends on the manufacturers whether they have put a printer button on the device to reset. 

Things you should do before resetting your printer 

Following steps, you should do before you proceed to reset your printer. 

  1. Restart your printer once or twice before you move ahead with the resetting process. Sometimes restarting your printer fixes the problems you are facing. 
  2. Try printing out a waste paper once the printer is started. After getting restarted, your printer might start printing. This is why it is recommended to use junk paper instead of wasting new ones.

Do the steps mentioned above and properly reset your Lexmark printer. Restart your printer first to see if it fixes the problem. If not, then you should move ahead with the steps to reset. 

How to reset the Lexmark printer to factory settings? (Complete Steps)

The following steps will guide you on how you can reset your Lexmark printer to factory settings: 

  1. The first thing you must do is head over to the Lexmark Printer homepage. 
  2. Sign in as administrator.
  3. From the menu, select settings. 
  4. Select the device from the settings and restore factory defaults. 
  5. Right-click on restore all settings and then start. 
  6. Doing this will restart your printer and restore all settings from the network to the app and fax settings to their default configurations.
  7. Lastly, set up the time and date of your printer. 


Resetting your printing to factory settings sets most of the settings to factory defaults. Often when printers stop working as they used to when you bought them and stopped printing the impeccable prints, the once used to is your sign to perform the factory reset.

In this article, we have provided you with detailed step-by-step instructions regarding the question of how to reset a Lexmark Printer to the factory settings. If you are unsuccessful in resetting your printer by following the instructions above then contact tech support for further help.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What does a full factory setting do?

Factory data reset wipes off all your data from the printer. The printer’s network, fax, and other settings will be set to the factory default configuration.

Is the resetting procedure of all Lexmark printers the same?

Printers reset settings depend on the manufacturer and the printer’s model. You are required to check your model number and brand first before you proceed to reset.

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