Hi! I am Johnny Willis. This is my dream blog about the art and craft I make and share. Being an Artist, modern printers have always captivated me. I love dealing with Creative projects as a trained and skilled designer. As a consequence, I am pretty sure I am knowledgeable regarding all the nooks and crannies of the field. 

I am familiar with all evaluation norms and significant requirements that regulate sublimation printing, photography, acrylic art, and overall. I currently reside in the USA. Would you like to know more about my life beyond? Well, It’s understandable. I enjoy traveling and designing. Marketing media, photography, and art are my passion.  

I started collecting each printer that can be found to check what possibly could be made out of them! I now have more than a handful of printers, and the number is rising rapidly. 

I was thrilled to start this blog, where I can combine my writing passion with my enthusiasm for the printing equipment that has helped me in hundreds of my business and personal projects! In this blog, I make sure to offer everything one should know about printers. 

The advantages and disadvantages are all included! Likewise, If you come across any problems regarding your design work, art, or the printing media, you can count on me! I love to assist people to resolve design and printing issues quickly. 

I can be a real social butterfly when people discuss design and printers. I enjoy interacting with others. And needless to say, I look up to printers!