How Many Pages Does an Ink Cartridge Print?

The printer is a daily used device in our lives. We depend on the printer for many things, including our daily school task sheets and essential office files. Of course, it saves our efforts. 

Instead of writing it on paper, you just type or make the file on the computer and get a nearly perfect file printed. The number of pages an ink cartridge can print cannot be exact but can be predicted by considering the factors.

how many pages can an ink cartridge print

Ideally, you can have 220 pages per cartridge using a standard size(11 ml ). But a high-capacity ink cartridge may also give you around 350 pages per ink tank.

Isn’t it more comfortable to know how many pages an ink cartridge prints? So we can calculate its economic saving rate. As well as it’s something you should know about your printer. The number of pages printed is also called page yield.  So let’s exactly find page yield and factors that affect the yield.

How many pages does an ink cartridge print (Factors Affecting)

Type Of Print Out:

The first thing that affects page yield is the type of print you are printing. It can range from 5% coverage to 80% coverage. It can differ with each print if you print a black-and-white business document or a colored pamphlet.

If the page you are printing has sparse information or just a little paragraph, it will use less ink from the cartridge. Meanwhile, printing a colored picture or a full page of text would use a small amount of ink. The question of how long an ink cartridge surely depends on what type of prints you perform.

What Kind Of A Printer Do You Use?

The type of printer you use or the model of the printer also affects the number of pages from an ink cartridge. Just like different brands of appliances use different amounts of electricity to run, the same goes for printer and ink cartridge models. Different models have different running rates for ink cartridges.

It is recorded that the new models have a higher page yield than older models because of the updates. So the model of the printer is also a critical factor that can affect the number of pages an ink cartridge prints.

How Frequently Do You Print?

The frequency of printing can also be counted in the factors affecting the page yield. You should not leave long gaps in printing, like weeks or months of no use. In this way; an ink cartridge can also dry up or would need a cleaning process which uses a lot of ink and can actively affect the number of the page you can print from a cartridge. 


The place you store the printer is also a key that can affect the page yield. You should put the printer in a place that has a normal temperature and the least temperature fluctuations and humidity. Also, the ink is best a year after you installed it, so you should use it before it dries out.

Type Of Cartridge:

Just like many other products, ink cartridge also comes in sizes such as S, M, L, and XL. The size of the ink cartridge can affect the number of printed pages.

Also, it can be the type of ink you are using if the ink cartridge has five colors. You may run out of one of them, so you would have to change the whole cartridge to get it refilled, but some allow a single refill which is more convenient. 

Tips From Editor:

pages can one ink cartridge prin

We have discussed the things that can actively participate in the number of pages an ink cartridge can print. Now, a few tips from the editor can help you with page yield.

1.              Your printing device should not be piled up with other stuff or anything; it should be placed in a vacant space with nothing around it in the reach of 5-7 inches.

2.              You should keep it near no dust space and dust it off frequently so the cartridge doesn’t get any dust.

3.              Choose an excellent, high-quality ink cartridge with a high page yield and good printing quality.

4.              Use a new printer model as they have a low ink cartridge running out.


We have listed the key factors affecting an ink cartridge’s page yield. How many pages an ink cartridge prints cannot be an accurate number, but it depends on the above-mentioned factors. 

It can differ from the type of printer to an ink cartridge. So be careful while choosing your printer and ink cartridge. You can choose a regular ink cartridge if your work is small, as it will give you around 220-250 pages per refill.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Does the page yield differ with the type of paper?

Yes, they do as if you are printing on a4 or a5 paper. In both cases, the number of page yields would be different.

What is a page yield?

Page yield is the number of pages you are printing from a cartridge. It is a short-term use for how many pages an ink cartridge prints.

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