How to Print Double Sided on Brother Printer

Everyone wants to save their pages and use them for better purposes instead of wasting them. Printing on both sides of the paper can save half the cost you spend on buying paper, ink, and other resources. So, if you are looking to save not just your money but your papers as well then duplex printing is the key. 

Print Double Sided on Brother Printe

How to Print Double Sided on Brother Printer (Fully Explained)

In this article, we are going to talk about the popular Brother Printer and its prominent duplex printing feature. Brother Printers are quite popular in the printing world. It is because of the quality of printing and long-lasting work. 

Brother printers have an extensive range of features that can not be found easily in ordinary printers.

One such feature is duplex printing. Printing on both sides of the paper is also called duplex printing. From printing double-sided documents to printing double-sided images on paper, brother printers make this particular task relatively easier for you. 

But are you aware of how to do duplex printing? If not then worry not, we are here to provide step-by-step guidance to make you master the duplex printing technique the right way. A brother printer and a computer is all you need. 

Let’s get started: 

Check if your printer offers duplex printing

The first and foremost to do is to check for duplex printing features in your printer. Some printers do not have this feature and the easiest way to know it is to check on the box for letter D. The D letter on the printer’s box signifies that your printer does have the duplex feature and you can print on both sides of a paper. 

Some apps support two-sided printing, and some don’t 

Whilst printing most applications display the ‘two-sided’ printing option, and some don’t. All you need to do is open up the file that you want to print out. Select the Print option and you will see the detailed printing window will open. 

From that window, further, select the Two-sided option, then right-click on the Drop-down menu. Choose your layout and start printing. 

The above step is for the applications that show the two-sided option, but some apps do not display the option. For instance, PDF READER does not allow double-sided printing and you have to turn on the option manually. Open your PDF file and select the Print option. 

On the displayed print window select Printer where you will see the Two-sided option, right click on it and print out your file. 

Check For The Printer’s Password

Brother printers come with a password, and it is crucial to find out the password. This will give you access to different upgrades, and you can easily access the premium features. 

There are different printing devices, ones that are manufactured in 2020 it later and ones that are manufactured before 2020. Depending on their manufacturing status and year, you can use the following ways to know your brother’s printer password. 

  • On the model manufactured in 2020 or later, you can find the password on the printer’s box or the backside of your printer. It should be an 8 characters password with the alphabet, numbers, and symbols. 

You will find it written with Pwd. Save the password in case the one written on the label gets rubbed off. 

  • On the models manufactured before 2020, you might not find the password on the box or the back of your printer. These models have default passwords, and in case those passwords don’t work, ask the system administrator for the password. (Default Passwords: initpass, access)

How to print double-sided on a brother printer? (Mac) 

print double sided on brother printer mac

For mac users who want to print their documents and images double-sided, the following steps are to help you do it: 

  1. Open up the file first that you want to take a print of and click on the Print option. 
  2. You will see the names of your print models in the Printer column; click on it and select Brother Printer. 
  3. Now select the Orientation and design your documents in a way you want to print. 

For automatic double-sided printing:

  1. Click on the apps menu and further select the Layout, and you will see the setting window. 
  2. Now, click on Short edge binding or long-edge binding to print two-sided. 
  3. If required, change the settings of the printer and print out your documents. 


  1. Click on the apps menu and select Paper handling. From there select Pages to print and then select Even only
  2. Now Print
  3. After the even-numbered pages are printed out, remove them from the tray. 
  4. Now, put the pages back in the tray with the blank and empty sides of the paper facing down. 
  5. Again, select the paper handling, and from the pages to print option, select Odd only
  6. Print out your documents or images. 

How to print double-sided on a brother printer? (Windows) 

double sided printing on brother printer windows

This guide is for Windows users: 

  1. First of all, choose and open up the file you want to print, then click on the Print icon or choose the print command in your app. 
  2. Click on the Brother printer option and further select the preferences or properties option. 
  3. Set the orientation and click on the two-sided booklet. From there, select either two-sided (automatic)  or two-sided (manual). 
  4. You will have two-sided bindings of different types; select whichever you prefer, or you can specify the bindings yourself from the binding offset box.
  5. Do the changes if required and print out your file. 

If your printer does not print out the pages correctly and the printout is rather messed up. Make sure to inspect the paper in the tray. The paper should be smooth and flat, or the crumpled paper might ruin your printout. 

Also, check for the printer’s ink before printing anything, you might be out of ink, and that can also mess up your printouts. This is only if you are using an inkjet printer and not a laser one.


Printing double-sided paper is not a difficult thing to learn; once you know how to do it, you can easily print out double-sided. In this article, we have made an effort to guide you on how to print double-sided on a brother printer

If you follow these steps accurately, you can print out your documents and images yourself. Make sure to check your printer’s condition and keep it maintained so that it may not ruin your work. Hope this article provides you with all the answers you are looking for.


Is the brother printer good for double-sided printing?

Brother printers are one of the most famous duplex printers available in the market. It is due to their high-quality printing and easy-to-use settings.

Is it possible to print without?

Yes, it is possible to print without a computer; you just need to understand and follow the provided settings on your printer.

Does printing on both sides of a paper saves money?

Printing on both sides of a paper not only saves half the money you spend on buying printing papers but also saves the papers from going to waste. Two-sided printing is also environmentally friendly.

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