How to Clean Laser Printer Streaks (Safe & Tricky Methods)

If you want an affordable printer that is not just convenient but also easy to use, then a laser printer is something you should go for. These printers use powdered toner cartridges, and you feel no need to change these cartridges frequently. 

A single cartridge can print a thousand pages, the melted powder is used in laser printers, and unlike ink, it doesn’t clog or dry up. Laser printers are certainly convenient. However, you often encounter some irritating situations, for instance, printer streaks.

Clean Laser Printer Streaks

And you certainly search about how to clean laser printer streaks. Well, the answer is relatively simple, some easily available products like isopropyl alcohol and activated toner cloth can help you clean the printer streaks.

Whilst printing papers, your printer leaves streaks or lines on it that waste all your efforts. Nevertheless, it is not a grave problem and can be fixed easily. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why laser printers leave streaks as well as tell you methods on how to clean laser printer streaks. 

What possibly can be the reasons behind your laser printers leaving streaks? 

There are many reasons why your printer starts causing trouble for you; let’s look into them: 

Toner Cartridge might need cleaning up. 

If you notice your printer starts printing faded text or mainly vertical streaks on paper, the main cause might be the toner being almost empty or depleted. Another reason may be the insufficient distribution of toner in the cartridge. The way to fix this problem is to fix the toner cartridge in your laser printer. 

Toner might be loose.

In some cases, the toner leaks out from the printer’s cartridge and contaminates the roller. This creates a rolled pattern-ed streak on your paper. To fix this problem, you might need to take help from techs, as it requires inspecting your printer from the inside. If you do it yourself, you may possibly cause damage to the printer. 

Cleaning the roller and drum 

Another reason behind your printer printing streaks might be the drum. The roller present inside your printer may be contaminated. The result of the roller contamination would be your printer printing horizontal lines. 

To fix this, you must first dismantle the roller and clean it thoroughly. Once you dismantle the roller, you will get access to the drum in the printer and clean it as well. 

What things will you need to clean the laser printer streaks? 

There are different things available in the market to help you clean the laser printer streaks. These tools will be useful in maintaining and cleaning your laser printer. 

1. Activated Toner Cloth 

It is easy to clean any residue, ink, dirt particles, etc. A special and unique type of disposable cloth that attracts and traps particles present in your printer. You can get this clothing which is easily available in markets and is quite handy. 

2. Isopropyl Alcohol 

Isopropyl alcohol/rubbing alcohol is useful for cleaning your laser printer. It cleans every single dust particle from your printer and dries up quickly. Using 99% pure isopropyl alcohol will dry as quickly as a minute. As for 70% pure isopropyl alcohol, you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for it to dry. 

3. Protective Mask 

Powered toner tends to irritate when inhaled and might cause some allergies. So before cleaning your toner cartridge, make sure to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask to stay on the safer side. 

4. Gloves 

Another essential item to protect your skin from any kind of irritation or allergic reaction. Wear latex or rubber gloves before you start cleaning your printer as a preventative measure. 

Guide on How to clean laser printer streaks

The following steps will help you clean the laser printer streaks; read all steps carefully, and ensure you have all the necessary tools required. 

  1. What you need to do first is turn off your printer. (note: let the printer cool down if you have just used it) 
  2. Secondly, remove and clean the toner cartridge of your laser printer. All you are required to do is open up the front and panels of your printer and take the cartridge out. Clean it with isopropyl alcohol or activated toner cloth, whichever you prefer. 
  3. Thirdly, remove any excess toner from inside the component or any residue. You can use a toner vacuum for easy and timeless cleaning. If you don’t have a toner vacuum, you can always utilize isopropyl alcohol with toner cloth. 
  4. Check the doctor’s blade, roller, and corona wire at the back of the roller. If you see any buildup or dirt in it, gently clean it with the aforementioned products. 
  5. Lastly, reassemble the printer by closing both the front and back panels. 

These are the steps that will help you in cleaning the laser printer streaks. After cleaning the printer, start it and check if the problem is fixed.


This is all about how to clean laser printer streaks. In this article, we have provided you with some products as well as a small guide to help you fix the issue. This method can be used on any laser printer. 

All you need is some isopropyl alcohol, a toner cloth, or a toner vacuum if you can afford it, dismantle the toner cartridge and clean the components thoroughly. I hope you find this article helpful!


Are isopropyl alcohol and toner cloth better for cleaning laser printer streaks or toner vacuum?

A Toner vacuum is an easy-to-use piece of equipment to clean the laser printer, but it is quite expensive. Isopropyl alcohol and toner clothes are better alternatives for toner vacuum.

What is the main reason behind your printer printing streaks?

The most typical reason is that of a depleted toner cartridge. If your toner cartridge is empty, your print might print streaks. Another reason can be inside buildup that needs a thorough cleaning.

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