7 Best HP Printers That Use 61 Ink (Top Picks & Reviews)

One of the best-valued HP ink is HP 61 ink, but the problem is finding a compatible printer. The HP 61 ink cartridge can last for 8 months and offers reliable results.

However, the task of finding the right printer takes work. The best HP Printers that use 61 ink are either expensive, or their running cost is high. And the best printer for HP 61 ink will give you high-quality prints only. 

Best HP Printers That Use 61 Ink

Lucky for you! We have tested almost all HP printers that are compatible with HP 61 ink. Here is a list of the best HP printers that use 61 ink. Read thoroughly to get it for family, office, or commercial purposes.

7 Best HP Printers That Use 61 Ink Reviewed

You can trust our reviews as we tested each printer for at least three months. We have added a buying guide to help you choose the best printer that uses 61 Ink for you. 

Comparison Table

PrinterWeightBest featureBest for
1ENVY 553012.27 poundsAccurate color printsHigh-resolution output
2DeskJet 30507.9 poundsFast printing speedHome-use
3HP Deskjet 10004.40 poundsLow running costWired connectivity
4HP Deskjet 30004.40 poundsHigh-quality photosPhotography
5HP Envy 450012.32 poundsEasy to usePortability
6HP Deskjet 254011.49 poundsBasic quality with scanningAffordability
7HP Officejet 463014.6 poundsPaper handlingPremium design

1. ENVY 5530-Best high-quality HP printer for 61 Ink 

hp envy 5530 e-all-in-one printer

The ENVY 5530 is an inkjet printer designed for both home use and small office use. Anyone who wants an all-in-one printer that uses HP 61 ink will love this. The easy-to-set-up printer has the following features, print quality, and speed. 

Printing quality: 

The high-quality output is what drew us to the HP ENVY 5530. Its best printing resolution for color prints is 4800×1200 dpi, which is good enough. For black prints, you get 1200×600 dpi. 

Printing speed: 

Although the printing resolution is high, the speed is quite average. You get 5 color print pages in one minute and 8 black print pages. For photo printing, you only get one picture printed in one minute. 

Main features: 

The good news for photographers is that it can print directly from an SD card. Talking about connectivity, this printer has wireless and USB connection. To control the printer directly, it features a touch button display screen.

You can print, scan, copy, or connect through the control panel. You may find the display screen smaller than other printers. You can utilize the HP ePrint app to print wirelessly as well. 

Additionally, it can print two sides automatically. It’s recommended to print only 400 pages per month, so this isn’t good for commercial use. But for office or home use, it can handle 400 pages easily. Furthermore, the cartridge is HP ink 61 black and tri-color, which is easy to install.

We recommend getting XL HP 61 ink for a higher page yield. Also, it can print borderless and supports many media types and sizes. 

The construction is durable, with a weight of 12.27 pounds. Keep in mind that the dimensions are 20 x 16 x 8 inches, so adequate space is necessary. The build is not a drawback as you get up to 100 sheets capacity input tray with a 30-sheet output tray. Lastly, it comes with a 1-year warranty and is compatible with most Windows OS, Mac OS, Android, and iPhones. 


  • Scan, copy, and print 
  • Automatic two-sided printing 
  • USB and wireless connectivity 
  • Print directly from SD card 
  • High-quality output
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight
  • Not for commercial use

2. DeskJet 3050-Best home-use printer for 61 ink 

deskjet 3050 all-in-one j610a

People who want an entry-level multipurpose printer with an affordable budget should opt for this. It’s good for students as well, but for businessmen and offices, this isn’t a good choice.

All those people who are tired of changing cartridges, again and again, can give it a try, as its 60 ink is all you need for regular printing work. While testing it, I found its printing quality and speed as follows. 

Printing quality: 

For black prints, you only get 600 dpi, and for color, it’s 4800×1200 dpi. We were disappointed with the black prints, but the color prints were average. While printing photos, we liked the color accuracy results. However, for text in colors, the quality was slightly blurry.

Printing speed: 

The printing speed for a draft is impressive, with 20 ppm for black and 16 ppm for color. But the photo prints take extra time, which may be slower than regular ones. While testing, we got 5 documents in black prints and 4 in color. Overall, the printing speed is satisfactory for home use. 

Main features: 

It’s compatible with most Windows and MAC OS v10.5 or 10.6. The connectivity is wireless or through a USB cable. Through the HP app, you can utilise ePrint or Airprint as well. Although you can’t print two-sided automatically, it features manual duplex printing. 

The integrated control panel on the printer allows direct printing. The control panel looks like a 3-line LCD with icon touch buttons. Another good thing is that it’s compact at 16.81 x 12.05 x 6.14 inches. Furthermore, the weight is extremely light, only 7.9 pounds. 

As you know, it uses HP 61 ink, but when we ran out of one cartridge, we had to replace it as a whole which was a waste. Aside from that, it supports page sizes up to 8.5″ x 14.0″. It ensures confidence by giving you a one-year warranty.

The setup and ink cartridge installation process is simple and doesn’t consume time. While feeding regular sheets, the capacity should be less than 60. For the output tray, the capacity is only 20 sheets which are lower than average. But remember, this Deskjet printer is not for any other media than papers. For printing mylar bags, you can find the best printer for mylar bags here.


  • Windows and Mac compatible 
  • Print, copy, and scan
  • Thermal printing technology 
  • 3-line LCD 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Quick setup
  • Speedy prints
  • Lightweight
  • Average output quality
  • Low capacity of trays

3. HP Deskjet 1000 Printer-Best wired printer for 61 Ink 

HP Deskjet 1000 Printer

A friend of mine asked whether I had used any budget HP 61 ink Printer in my career. Here is my top-tested recommendation for a budget pick. The HP DeskJet 1000 printer is the best economical option.

We recommend this for home use, students, and photographers who are okay with a wired printer. Just like all the other printers, this printer uses HP 61 ink cartridges. 

Printing quality:

We can not say much for monochrome prints as they were disappointing. But the color accuracy is slightly better for the price. We noticed that colors looked washed out and sometimes, the text had blurred lines. For printing images, it focuses nicely on the details, and the photo quality is also visually appealing. 

Printing speed:

At the best resolution, the draft speed is 16 ppm for black and 12 ppm for color. We got one black text document in under one minute, but the speed is high if you use plain paper. For photos, a 4×6 photo is given in one minute, whereas a 10×8 photo takes over 3 minutes. 

Main features:

It took almost 20 minutes to set up the software and connection, but after that, the startup was quick. You can not connect it wirelessly; it can be connected through USB connectivity to a computer only. On the printer, there is no control panel for direct printing, which is quite a disappointing feature. 

Aside from that, it features compatibility with all Windows, Linux, and MAC. And the input tray can hold up to 60 plain paper sheets easily. But the output tray has less capacity and can hold only 25 sheets.

Lastly, its build quality is sturdy with 14.96 x 16.57 x 10.5 inches dimensions. We had no problem placing it and moving it around as it weighs only 4.40 pounds. 


  • Wired connection 
  • One-year warranty 
  • Quick startup 
  • Affordable
  • Low cost running
  • Lightweight
  • Good for photos
  • No wireless connectivity
  • No display screen

4. HP Deskjet 3000-Best photography printer for 61 Ink 

hp deskjet 3000 printer

People who want an upgrade from HP DeskJet 1000 at an affordable price can select HP DeskJet 3000. Although the printing speed and warranty are the same, the quality and design make it a much better choice. 

Printing quality:

Its printing quality is average, with resolutions up to 4800 x 1200 dpi. The black prints have only up to 600 dpi. We liked its monochrome text and photo quality more than regular color prints. 

Printing speed:

As we mentioned before, its speed is the same as Deskjet 1000. We don’t recommend setting it to the highest speed, which is 20 ppm and 16 ppm. Just focus on quality instead of speed for photo prints. 

Main features:

Here’s how it’s better than the DeskJet 100; it features a control panel and wireless connectivity. Firstly, the control panel has touch buttons that allow you to print directly. Secondly, it’s energy-saving and more affordable than most 61 ink printers. Along with wireless connectivity, it also features a USB port for PC connection. 

Furthermore, you get compatibility with Windows and Mac. Another thing similar to Deskjet 1000 is the capacity of the input tray and output tray, 60 and 25 sheets, respectively. We liked that it’s only 4.40 pounds with compact 16.57 x 14.96 x 10.5″ dimensions. 

Additionally, it supports up to 8.5″ x 11″ media sizes. It does not support media paper more than 3mm thick. The running cost is quite high for a printer. Even if you have no problem with the cost then ENVY 4500 would be a better choice as it’s all in one. Lastly, the printer comes with a one-year warranty. 


  • 38mm LCD 
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Quick startup  
  • Energy saving
  • High color accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Compact footprint
  • Costly
  • High running price

5. HP Envy 4500-Best portable printer for 61 Ink 

hp envy 4500 printer

People who have no problem with high running costs can choose an all-in-one printer like ENVY 4500. It can print, copy and scan, plus you can use HP ePrint for useful features wirelessly. 

Printing quality:

For color graphic prints, you get the best quality with high color accuracy. The resolution for color is 4800×1200 dpi. While testing, we noticed that black tones were a little light and blurred. That was not so noticeable in text documents.

The best photo resolution is only 600×600 dpi, so we don’t recommend this for photography. If you use Premium presentation paper, then the photo quality can look appealing. 

Printing speed:

The printing speed did not disappoint, but it could be better. For the price, 7 ppm for black and 4 ppm for color seems like a loss. But the unhurried printing gives amazing results. Just be patient when printing photos as it takes half an hour for 7 postcard photos. 

Main features:

This is an all-in-one printer which means it can print, copy, and scan on the spot wirelessly. Plus, the USB connection is also available for PC connectivity. The best feature is the ePrinting and portability factor. You can print from anywhere with your email address. 

Also, you can utilize the control panel for direct printing. Use the touch buttons for connecting with a wireless connection.

Aside from Ethernet connectivity, the printer can connect to any device by wireless or USB connection. Plus, the ePrint offers direct printing from your email address. The display screen with the control panel is quite small but better than Deskjet 3000. 

Moreover, the input tray can hold over 60 plain paper sheets and the output tray has a capacity of only 20 sheets. It supports media sizes of up to 8.5 x 11 inches with various sheet types. You get ADF for scanning, and it also has auto-duplex printing. Anyone can tell how convenient two-sided automatic printing is, especially when you’re busy. 

Overall, the design is aesthetically good looking with 12.32 pounds weight. When not in use, it gets extremely compact and is easy to move around. To estimate how much space it takes, the dimensions are 19.1 x 15.9 x 6.1 inches.

Due to the low cost of its HP 61 ink cartridges, the running cost is lower than other printers. Plus, the compatibility is also versatile, with Windows and Mac. 


  • Automatic two-sided printing 
  • Thermal inkjet technology 
  • Wireless and USB connection 
  • High-quality output
  • Low running cost
  • Portable and compact
  • All-in-one
  • Produces noise over time
  • No Ethernet

6. HP Deskjet 2540-Best budget-friendly printer for 61 Ink 

hp deskjet 2540 printer

The HP DeskJet 2540 is for people who don’t want to put a train on their budget. With affordable HP 61 ink cartridges and this inexpensive all-in-one printer, you get the best out for the least price. 

Printing quality:

We were impressed by its quality, mainly because it’s a cheap printer. The printing resolution is the same as Deskjet 1000. We liked its sharp quality but if you are used to an expensive printer then it might disappoint.

For entry-level printing, the documents and text quality are exceptional. The color prints also have a satisfactory color gamut. People who like faded-out photos with a vintage feel can use this to achieve that effortlessly. 

Printing speed:

The HP Deskjet 2540 is not built for speed, you get 16 ppm and 20 ppm for black and color print respectively. We got five pages in one minute, so it’s not a dealbreaker. The photos take extra time and we had to wait for 20 minutes for one photo. 

Main features:

Its best feature is that even if it’s cheap, you get both wireless and USB connections. Furthermore, it supports AirPrint as well and it’s compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. There is no Ethernet connectivity, but not many printers come with that feature.

We liked its sturdy body with an input tray that can hold 60 plain paper sheets. The output tray can hold only 25 sheets. You can print on numerous media types and sizes. Talking about the design, it has 6.2×16.7×12 inches dimensions with 11.49 pounds weight. 

It also features a control panel for direct scanning, copying, and printing. To make sure you do not raise the running cost price, use HP 61 XL ink cartridges. It requires two separate cartridges to print successfully.

Aside from that, the setup procedure is easy and the printer starts quickly. Keep in mind that it can not print borderless photos, and it does not feature two-sided printing. 


  • Wireless and USB connection 
  • Print, copy, and scan 
  • Touch control panel 
  • Inexpensive
  • Exceptional text quality
  • Easy to set up
  • Slow speed
  • Comparatively Low output quality

7. HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO-Best Premium Design Printer for 61 Ink

hp officejet 4630 e-all-in-one printer

Proiratizing design of the printer is not needed but HP Officejet 4630 serves looks and quality. Plus, it’s an all-in-one that can print, copy, scan, and fax documents easily. Read and find out what it’s worth. 

Printing quality:

The printing resolutions are the same as DeskJet 3000. We did see improvement in color prints’ sharpness. The saturation is impressive in both black and color prints. Overall, the output quality is satisfactory for photos, text, and color prints. As long as the printer doesn’t run low on ink, you will get amazing quality. 

Printing speed:

According to the manufacturers, it can print black at the speed of 8.8 ppm and color at 5.2 ppm. It’s the slowest one on the list and it took 5 minutes for a 5-paged color document. If you are a patient person, then it’s a good deal. For black text prints, the speed is faster. 

Main features:

We liked its automatic two-sided sprinting feature for printing and 35-sheet ADF for scanning. The 99-page memory for fax is also a useful feature but let’s talk about printing. To print directly, it has a 50mm mono LCD display with control integrated into the printer. 

There are two easy ways you can connect devices; through USB or wirelessly. Additionally, it’s compatible with cloud printing and Airprint. When it comes to paper handling, this printer wins. In the input tray, you can feed 100 sheets easily. And the output tray can handle 30 sheets with ease. It can print media sizes up to 8.5×11 inches borderless. 

The weight is comparatively heavy 14.6 pounds with sturdy 19.5 x 15.3 x 8.9″ dimensions. As it has a large paper capacity, the weight and thickness in dimensions are not a drawback. 


  • Print, fax, copy, and scan
  • 2-inch Monochrome LCD
  • 100-sheet input tray 
  • Great paper handling
  • Versatile connectivity
  • Good print quality
  • Aesthetic design
  • Slow and heavy
  • No ethernet

HP printer that uses 61 ink cartridge – Buying guide

hp printer that uses 61 ink cartridge

Is this your first time getting an HP printer that uses 61 ink? Read this guide so you can have more clarity while selecting. By reading this and listing your priorities you will not regret the printer you get. 

  • Weight and dimension:

As students have less space, it’s better to get a lightweight portable printer. However, for commercial use, you should get a heavy-weight printer with a sturdy body construction. Depending on the space you have, choose your printer. 

  • Connectivity: 

Most printers have wireless and USB connections. For Ethernet connectivity, you will need to dig deep to find a printer. Along with connectivity, compatibility with devices also matters. 

  • Printing speed and quality:

The reason we listed this first is this is what contributes to what you are getting on your paper. Photo prints, color prints, and text prints, all have different speeds and quality so look into them before getting them. If your priority is quality then the cost of the printer will be expensive. 

  • Budget: 

Although HP 61 ink is cost-effective, you should look at the initial cost of the printers. Along with that, you should see if a printer has a high or low running cost. Usually, printers that give great quality output have high running costs as they use more ink per paper. 

Final words

That’s all! We hope you had no problem choosing the best printer that uses 61 Ink. Most of the printers are inkjet as HP 61 Ink works best with thermal technology.

No matter which printer you choose, make sure you subscribe to the HP Instant Ink package for the affordable running cost. Lastly, here are our top three picks regardless of budget: 

  • ENVY 5530-Best high-quality: The first place goes to ENVY 5530 for its high-quality output and average printing speed. You get a one-year warranty as well. 
  • HP Officejet 4630 e-AiO-Best premium design: We put this in second place due to its expensive price. When it comes to quality prints and speed, this does not disappoint. You also get a high paper capacity for the input tray as a bonus. 

HP Deskjet 3000-Best photography: Lastly, the most affordable out of these three with speed as others. It’s versatile in connection and can support many media types.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Which printers are compatible with HP 61 ink?

It is compatible with most HP DeskJet series printers and some ENVY series and OfficeJet ones.

Can I substitute HP ink 61XL with 61?

Both have the same shape and installation process but the XL can give you a higher page yield as it has a larger internal reservoir.

How many pages can the HP 61 ink print?

You get 190 black and white pages out of HP  61 Black ink.

Which is the best budget-friendly HP 61 ink cartridge?

The CH561WN (black) cartridge is the cheapest black HP 61 ink cartridge and it gives good quality texture.

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